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Choose a business partner that has experience of providing Industrial Gases and Oxygen Regulators since 1986.
About Us

Industrial gases find application in various industrial processes. From producing synthetic materials, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers to water desalination, in welding jobs and for the fine processing of coal and other fossil fuels, these gases are utilized as a crucial part of numerous manufacturing industries. We, Vikhroli Industrial Gas Service, as a trader and supplier offer Industrial Gas like Hydrogen Gas, Carbon Monoxide Gas, Acetylene Gas, Nitrogen Gas, etc., for use in multiple industrial and commercial settings. In addition to various gases, we also offer precisely constructed and competitively priced Oxygen Regulators complying with industry standards and norms.

Our Motto

Our mission is to avoid unethical trade practices that might generate short term profits but only lead to the downward spiral of our business in the long run. Therefore, we aspire to move ahead in business by shaking hands with clients through only ethical and time honoured methods.

Our Experience

One can inherently trust us as a reliable trader as we have a proven track record of giving the best purchase experience to buyers looking for Oxygen Regulators, Hydrogen Gas, Carbon Monoxide Gas, Acetylene Gas, etc., since 1986. We know that our expertise and experience can impact our clients businesses positively.

Why Us?

While approaching us, clients from a host of sectors know that they have better chance of getting profitable deals as we engage in the following:

  • We ally with product manufacturers and sellers that are quality committed, ethical and responsible as we are.
  • We are well versed with all possible dynamics of the business we are involved in.
  • We have the right contacts to timely deliver products in large capacity tanks and vessels in a safe manner. We shortlist only the best choice of supply from among various delivery options that are particularly suited to our delivery needs and the preferences of our clients.
  • In cases where products need to be stored at our site, we make use of appropriately designed storage tanks where gases are stored and vaporized, depending on the need.

Future Aim

We have set quite high standards for ourselves even for the future and wish to maintain stride with the exact quantities and qualities demanded in our range of Industrial Gas and other products by our customers.

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